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Enertech Resources: Where Safety is The Core Value

Enertech Resources has been deploying technology in the telecommunications industry for a decade. Focused on building stronger infrastructure, enabling mobile technology, plus working on small cell and DAS deployment, Enertech does all this and more while focusing on its core value: safety.


“Everything we do at Enertech begins and ends with our number one core value of safety,” said Eric Chase, Enertech CEO. “This core value is applied without exception from top to bottom – all the way from stacking a 300’ guyed tower down to replacing a broken broom handle in the warehouse,” added Chase, a third-generation telecommunications professional.


Enertech’s service offerings have evolved with the changing demands of the telecommunications industry, mirroring wireless needs in coverage, technology, and capacity. Performing work in the Gulf States, Southwest, the Rockies, and the Pacific Northwest, Enertech Resources focuses on several solutions within the telecommunications industry:


  • Technology Deployment
  • Microwave
  • Fiber
  • Engineering Services
  • Tower Services
  • Small Cell/DAS


Enertech has the privilege to be a prime contractor for the nation’s major wireless carriers, infrastructure owners, and technology providers. Additionally, Enertech has provided services to deploy private, public and federal communication systems. The company prides itself on providing solutions above and beyond the standard services.


“Our focus is on the successful deployment of wireless technology solutions; their design, construction, and installation. Our approach is centered around our commitment to having industry expertise in-house, solving problems and delivering solutions even with the most challenging of sites,” said Chase. “We draw on best practices from the viewpoints of safety, industry standards, and constructability to provide recommendations and solutions to our customers.”

What’s an example of a challenging site? How about fitting an entire cell site into one parking spot? “This was the challenge faced jointly by Verizon Wireless and Enertech during preparations for the 2017 Super Bowl in Houston, TX,” said Chase. “Working collaboratively, we designed and manufactured the necessary components, devised strategies to protect the equipment from the foot and vehicular traffic of 150,000 fans, and ultimately deployed a modular system of 40 nodes – all within 7 days. The solution was so successful it was implemented again for the 2018 Super Bowl crowds in Minneapolis, MN.”


As part of their commitment to safety, Enertech is proud to be an inaugural member of the Nate Star Initiative, to serve on committees within TIRAP and NWSA, to act as leaders within the Texas State Wireless Association, and to host weekly safety calls with 500+ employee and contractor participants.


“We strive to be involved in the conversations that steer how our labor force will be utilized in the future and are concerned with ensuring better communication of best practices and broader safety initiatives,” said Chase. “When it comes to safety, Enertech has you covered.”


Having grown significantly over the past 10 years, Chase attributes this success to both the employees and the clients plus forecasts even more projects to come. “We anticipate that the continued explosion of data growth over cellular networks will require innovative solutions that are the equal of the innovations that led to the data growth to begin with,” said Chase. “Similar innovation will follow as we develop and grow the labor force necessary to implement the nation’s greatest infrastructure projects coming up the pike, all while promoting safety.”


Enertech Resources is headquartered in New Braunfels, TX with additional locations in Austin, Tomball, Longview, and Coppell. Other locations include Phoenix, AZ, Colorado Springs, CO, Albuquerque, NM, Oklahoma City, OK, Lafayette, LA, Olalla, WA, Ritzville, WA, and Three Forks, MT. For more information or to contact a representative, visit